News of Jay Chou’s medical condition resurfaces

More details of Jay Chou’s serious medical condition surfaced once again, worrying fans

News of Jay Chou’s medical condition resurfaces

When Taiwanese multi hyphenate Jay Chou made his debut, he revealed that he has a genetic spinal inflammation illness, ankylosing spondylitis, which puts him in much pain and can only be suppressed by eating painkillers.

The topic of Jay’s medical history was recently brought up during a recording of his best buddy Will Liu’s television programme, making some netizens very worried. Even though his fans were aware of this illness, they did not know how much pain he went through.

Will explained, “He was often unable to sleep like normal people. Due to his back condition, he had to sleep sitting up.”

“Sometimes, when I would knock at his door, he would take 10 minutes to get there from his bed, not because his house is large, but because of his slow walking speed caused by the illness. During a seizure, the pain would force him to take medicine and painkillers just so he can continue to perform,” recounted Will.

Since Will enjoys exercising, he has tried to help Jay maintain physical fitness by cycling or working out at the gym with him. And if not for Will’s help, Jay probably would not be as beefed up as he is today.

Even though Jay has a strong body, it was revealed that he will never be able to do heavy lifting.

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