Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong allegedly spotted on a gym date

The couple was said to have visited the gym together 

Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong
A photo which allegedly shows the back views of celebrity couple Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse has been circulating online. According to the netizen who posted the picture, the lovebirds were dressed in matching black outfits and were heading to the gym together.

However, some netizens expressed their doubt about the photo’s authenticity and requested the poster to prove his words by uploading a picture with the couple’s faces.

Spotted at her friend’s art exhibition, Faye, who recently lent her voice to the OST of Chinese film Fleet of Time, appeared to be in high spirits as she wore a smile throughout the event.

When asked if she intends to release a new album, the songbird denied it and said that there are no comeback plans at the moment.

After the reports were published, Faye’s fans commented online: “If I ever get to meet her, I need to remind her to work, and not just focus on love!”

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