Nicholas Tse declines commenting on Cecilia Cheung’s new romance

The Hong Kong actor was hounded by reporters after returning to Hong Kong

谢霆锋避谈前妻交新欢 张柏芝亲切与网友合照1
谢霆锋避谈前妻交新欢 张柏芝亲切与网友合照
After his meet-up with Faye Wong in China, Nicholas Tse returned to Hong Kong and was spotted in Central on Monday evening. Under the accompaniment of his manager, the actor visited a salon for a hairdo.

Acknowledging the reporters as he exited the salon, Nicholas said that he was back in Hong Kong to settle work affairs. When asked if Faye travelled with him, the 29-year-old declined to comment. Further probed on his ex-wife Cecilia Cheung’s rumoured new romance with Singaporean restaurateur Earn Chen, the actor simply smiled and hurriedly left the scene in a car.

One month since the Faye-Nicholas reunion, the couple was recently pictured having steamboat together in Beijing. Witnesses even shared that the lovebirds “only had eyes for each other” throughout their meal.

Meanwhile, Cecilia carried on with her daily activities in Singapore, seemingly unaffected by the rumours surrounding her love life. On Monday, the former actress was seen dining at a local restaurant, where she happily obliged to photo requests from the staff.

谢霆锋避谈前妻交新欢 张柏芝亲切与网友合照2
谢霆锋避谈前妻交新欢 张柏芝亲切与网友合照

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