Nicholas Tse gets finger nicked while filming Chef Nic

Actor–singer says he has sustained so many injuries on his hands, he may not play musical instruments again

Nicholas Tse

Nicholas Tse is such hot property that even a Chinese mitten crab wanted a bite of him.

The Hong Kong actor and singer was filming an episode of his food and travel show, Chef Nic, when the crab got a little handsy, and pinched his left middle finger across the tip, leaving a gash so deep it wouldn’t stop bleeding.

Nicholas was whisked to hospital for treatment.

Speaking about his latest accident, Nicholas said he can no longer play musical instruments because his injuries are too numerous. “There isn’t one spot on my hands that hasn’t been hurt before,” he said. “This finger here, I can’t even straighten it.”

Nicholas is known for his professional attitude at work, and has sustained many injuries over the years, even developing rheumatism though he’s only 35. He also insists on doing his own stunts, and has reportedly been blacklisted by Hong Kong insurance companies.

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