Nicholas Tse reportedly neglects his sons

Quintus, 5, refuses to see his father


Hong Kong singer and actor Nicholas Tse, 35, has reportedly been neglecting his two sons in favour of his packed worked schedule.

According to Hong Kong media, 5-year-old Quintus has refused to see his father. Nicholas would spend time with his younger son only once every few months, making Quintus so averse to his company that he would throw tantrums to get out of attending family events organised by his grandmother Deborah Li, Nicholas’ mother.

Because of this, for nearly half a year only 8-year-old Lucas would appear at Tse family gatherings.

Nicholas will be involved in a 4D movie spinoff based on his popular cooking show, Chef Nic. He’s also been appointed the head coach on the Chinese reality television programme Lady Bees, giving him less time to spend with his boys.

Since his divorce from Cecilia Cheung, 35, in 2011, the actress has been taking their sons with her to live in Canada and Singapore before they moved back to Hong Kong. A recent photo of the actress, posted by her manager, has earned her praise for her youthful looks and attire.

Nicholas reunited with his former flame, Chinese singer Faye Wong, 46, in September 2014.

Photos: PBE Media

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