Nicholas Tse to attend William So’s wedding without Faye Wong

The groom-to-be denied inviting Faye Wong to his big day

(Left) William So and Anita, (Right) Nicholas Tse

Hong Kong celebrity William So and his girlfriend of eight years, Anita, will tie the knot today in Hong Kong, but the singer denied inviting singer Faye Wong to his big day.

William had reportedly extended his invitation to actor Nicholas Tse and Faye, both of whom reconciled in September, together with celebrity couples Wilfrey Lau and Joey Yung as well as Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng.

But yesterday, Nicholas was seen alone at the Hong Kong airport, rumoured to have returned from Yun Nan, China, where he spent time with Faye at her villa there. The father-of-two was annoyed after persistent questions about attending the wedding with Faye that he snapped, “Have you ever been beaten up before?”

When prompted if he had visited his sons, who are currently cared for by his ex-wife Cecilia Cheung, Nicholas replied, “Even if I did, I would not tell you.”

William, who arrived at the wedding hotel yesterday with Anita and their parents, clarified, “Sammi will definitely be here but I never said I invited Faye. It is not that I don’t want to, but I don’t know where to find her. I know her personality, she does not like appearing in public and I don’t want to make her uncomfortable.”

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