Nicholas Tse to split assets between sons

The actor will give leave HK$700 million in funds and properties to his sons

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Hong Kong celebrity Nicholas Tse, who has assets worth some HK$1 billion (approximately S$170 million), will be giving a total of HK$700 million (approximately S$117 million) to his sons Quintus Tse, 4, and Lucas Tse, 7.

The actor, who reconciled with old flame, singer Faye Wong, last month, has stores in the Central area under his name in addition to his Ocean Bay apartment, investments and production company Post Production Office.

Nicholas will be leaving the stores, worth about HK$400 million (approximately S$67 million), to Lucas and has also set up an HK$300 million education fund (approximately S$50million) for both his sons.

The 34-year-old recently invested HK$120 million (approximately S$20million) in listed film and television programme producer See Corporation Limited shares and is reportedly the largest shareholder. As he was recently said to have set up new branches for his company, See Corporation share prices have also risen, earning him a handsome profit of HK$147 million (approximately $25 million).

And it seems Nicholas’ bank account is about to get even fatter.

As his recent variety show Chef Nic has garnered huge popularity, it is slated to continue for a second season and he will be paid HK$2 million (approximately S$330,000) per episode, more than what he received for the first season.

The production crew reportedly has plans to make Faye, who is preparing for her singing comeback, the first guest of the second season but a protective Nicholas has not given his word on that.

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传谢霆锋分儿3亿港币 4亿铺面留长子2

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