Nicholas Tse visits his son in hospital

Nicholas Tse had a 30-minute gathering with his ex-wife Cecilia Cheung in the ward

Nicholas Tse visits his son in hospital
Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung’s younger son Quintus was recently admitted into the hospital due to high fever. According to Hong Kong media, Nicholas visited his son last week and met up with his ex-wife in the ward for 30 minutes. Sources claimed that Cecilia’s mother had purposely gone downstairs to give them some private time together.

After their divorce in August 2011, Nicholas and Cecilia have not been on good terms due to the latter’s nasty comments about her ex-husband. Since then, Cecilia channelled most of her energy towards looking after their two boys, Lucas and Quintus.

Meanwhile, Nicholas has been busy working, before his “reunion of the century” with Faye Wong became the talk of town last year.

As netizens have noticed Nicholas’ absence from Lucas’ 8th birthday party earlier this month, fans of both parties expressed their wish for the former couple “to communicate well”.

Nicholas Tse visits his son in hospital
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