Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu make their first appearance since their wedding

The couple returned from their honeymoon three days ago.


Photos: PBE Media

Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu wed in Bali on March 20, and continued their stay on the island for their honeymoon, only returning to China last weekend.

Yesterday, the couple, who are shareholders of Internet video company Beijing Baofeng Technology, appeared at the firm’s press conference.

The pair looked to be very much in love, holding hands as they entered, and even hooking their pinkies together as they listened to Baofeng’s strategic plans for the year.


During the event, Nicky also gave a speech, saying that Cecilia is the “head of the family”, bantering with his wife, who was in the audience. When asked if the couple plans to work together onscreen again, Nicky said half-jokingly, “Cecilia’s too famous now, her schedule’s hard to accommodate. We’ll have to see if she’s agreeable to it.”

In the upcoming year, Baofeng has a drama starring Chinese actress-singer Stephy Qi in April lined up. It will also be filming the sequel to Legend of Zu Mountain in New Zealand, and an idol drama, which is set to release in October.

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