Nicky Wu, Cecilia Liu have no time to meet

The newly-weds are swamped with work commitments


It’s only been one month after Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu’s lavish wedding in Bali, Indonesia, but they are already tied-up with their work commitments.

In fact, the newly-weds are so busy with their work, they haven’t been able to inform each other of their schedules too.

Nicky was in Shanghai that day for an event, when he was asked if he was able to meet his wife despite his heavy workload. The actor could not help but laugh at the question, and answered, “We’ve always been busy. When I’m free, she might not be, and vice versa. We can only try to accommodate the other’s schedule, and adjust accordingly.”

As Cecilia was attending an event in Shanghai the next day, Nicky was asked if he would be meeting up with her.

However, Nicky replied, “She didn’t tell me about her schedule, she only told you guys. When she arrives tomorrow, I’d already be on the plane.”

Photos: PBE Media

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