Nicky Wu, Cecilia Liu to marry on March 12

Nicholas Tse reveals he’s received wedding invitation


Taiwanese actor and singer Nicky Wu, 45, will wed Chinese actress Cecilia Liu, 28, on March 12.

While promoting the new Chinese reality programme Lady Bees in Macau with Nicky on Tuesday, Hong Kong actor and singer Nicholas Tse, 35, revealed the detail and added he has received a wedding invitation.

At first, Nicholas said the wedding date was March 5, but it turned out he was merely promoting the debut date of Lady Bees, and he then corrected himself.


Up until now, Nicky’s and Cecilia’s wedding was rumoured to be scheduled for March 10, her 29th birthday, and held in Bali.

Nicky is still keeping the location of the wedding a secret, saying it won’t be Beijing or Taiwan. Asked to confirm if it would be in Bali, he replied, “You’ll find out in time.”

The busy actor said he ate into his sleep hours to do wedding prep, including booking the hotel and ordering flowers.

The couple registered their marriage in Beijing last January. They met in 2011 while filming the wildly popular period drama series Scarlet Heart.

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