Nicky Wu, Cecilia Liu won’t accept wedding gifts of money

Actors to wed on March 20 in Bali


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Taiwanese actor Nicky Wu, 45, won’t be accepting wedding gifts of money when he weds Chinese actress Cecilia Liu, 28, on March 20 in Bali, according to Taiwanese actress and television host Chang Hsiao-yen, 67.

The actress will be braving a five-hour flight to Indonesia to attend the nuptials, and though she hasn’t gone to Bali before and finds the travelling taxing, for Nicky’s sake she agreed to attend his wedding, and even postponed her filming schedule to make time for it.


Hsiao-yen was responsible for launching the careers of Nicky, Alec Su, 42, and Julian Chen, 44, who formed the 80s Taiwanese boyband Little Tigers.

Alec and Julian are reportedly to be Nicky’s groomsmen at the wedding.

Hsiao-yen added she was looking forward to seeing Julian, whom she hadn’t seen for quite some time; Nicky and Alec meet up with her occasionally when they are in Taiwan.


The actress said Nicky had brought Cecilia to see her in Taiwan about two years ago, which moved Hsiao-yen. “When I first saw (Cecilia) I thought she was pretty and had a good personality, and I hoped they would get married soon,” she said.

Nicky and Cecilia met while working on the Chinese period fantasy drama Scarlet Heart and registered their marriage last January in Beijing.

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