Nicky Wu denies making indecent advances to female stars

The Chinese actor was said to have been used as bait for sexual services from actresses

吴奇隆公司被爆潜规则 黄宗泽躺着中枪1.jpg

According to a screenshot of a conversation uploaded onto Facebook by Taiwanese actor Johnny Liu, Chinese and Hong Kong celebrities Nicky Wu and Bosco Wong were rumoured to have been used as bait by some crew members seeking sexual services from actresses.

While Bosco has yet to respond to the issue, Nicky denied making those advances himself and posted on Weibo: “Please do not jump to conclusions, please do not report false content, please do not go along with what the crowd is saying.”

His girlfriend, Chinese actress Liu Shi Shi, backed him up and wrote: “Please end it here, thank you.”

Fans expressed support for him as well: “Believe Nicky, he’s always the best! Rumours are rumours, they will die down ultimately.”

Nicky’s agency Beijing Scarecrow Entertainment issued an official statement last Sunday (Oct 5) which said: “Recently, a piece of news regarding ‘crew members making indecent advances to female celebrities’ has been spreading online and our artiste Nicky Wu is implicated in it. The false reports have gone viral and some even mistook our company to be behind it.

To prevent the public from being misled, we would like to clarify that firstly, Nicky has not accepted any roles as an Emperor lately and reports that he has accepted the role are untrue. Secondly, Nicky has been preparing for his new show where the plot as well as co-actors have nothing to do with the crew involved in the rumours. Once it is announced, the speculations will die down. Our company reserves the right to legal actions and we thank those who support Nicky.”

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