Nicky Wu on his wedding: Now isn’t the time

Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu are still undecided about their wedding date 

Nicky Wu on his wedding: Now isn’t the time

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Taiwanese actor-singer Nicky Wu spoke about his wedding plans at an event in Shanghai, China, on Saturday and told fans and the media to “wait a while longer” because “it is not an appropriate time [to get married] now.”

Nicky, 44, explained that they “haven’t confirmed any specific details” and added with a laugh, “Given the current state of social media, it’s hard to have a low-key wedding. It would still be photographed by somebody, somehow.”

The topic of having children also came up during the interviews and reporters even asked Nicky if he would go on the Chinese reality show Where Are We Going, Dad? (a show where celebrity dads travel to rural places with their children to bond over a few days). In response, he faked the action of giving the reporters a knock on the head and laughed, but didn’t give an answer.

Nicky and his Chinese actress wife Cecilia Liu registered their marriage in January this year and he posted a picture of the certificate on his Weibo. However, the two are still very busy with their individual acting projects and have not had the time to throw a wedding celebration.

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