Nicky Wu proposes to Cecilia Liu

Nicky Wu gets down on his knees for Cecilia Liu in Shanghai and celebrates the occasion with cake

Nicky Wu proposes to Cecilia Liu

Ever since reel-to-real life couple Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu registered their marriage in January this year, the two have been bombarded with questions about their love life. But as the two are both very busy on shoots, they haven’t even had their wedding photographs taken, let alone made wedding plans.

A netizen even commented that even though Taiwanese actor-singer Nicky makes millions, he hadn’t even gotten his wife a diamond ring yet. The 44-year-old finally got the deed done on Monday, which is also Children’s Day, and proposed to the Chinese actress with a wedding ring.

Nicky Wu proposes to Cecilia Liu

A representative confirmed that 28-year-old Cecilia was in Shanghai to film a commercial that day and Nicky specially flew over to propose to her, as his friend has been pestering him to do it.

Pictures of Nicky putting a ring on Cecilia were all over the Internet and though the pair looked like they had a little too much to drink, they also looked very happily in love. Cecilia looked shy as she stretched out her left hand, giving her husband an affectionate gaze, as Nicky slipped the ring on his missus’ hand.

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