Nicky Wu reunites with Alec Su

Nicky Wu and Alec Su had a Little Tigers reunion on the Chinese variety show Happy Camp

Nicky Wu reunites with Alec Su

Chinese actress Xie Na, co-host on the Chinese variety show Happy Camp , posted photos on Weibo yesterday of a filming session she had with the former band mates of Little Tigers, “Thunder Tiger” Nicky Wu and “Well-behaved Tiger” Alec Su.

During the show’s recording session, the two middle-aged actors even broke out in song and dance as a tribute to their boy band days. Although the Taiwanese actor-singers Nicky and Alec are both grown men above 40, they behaved like little kids when they were reunited on the show, displaying their close-knit relationship with their funny antics shown in the pictures: One of the photos showed Nicky with his hand held up to his mouth, whispering to Alec, and in another photo, Alec rolled his eyes while Nicky gave a duck face for the camera.

In her caption, Xie Na joked that she “gave up” on them, explaining that the two had been murmuring to each other non-stop and even made silly faces at her.

Netizens left comments such as, “Where did these two adorable little fellas come from?” and “I can’t wait to see this episode. If Cecilia Liu (Nicky’s actress wife) was there, it’d be even better.”

There were also some Little Tigers fans that commented, “If Julian Chen (“Handsome Tiger”) was there, it would have been perfect.”

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