Nicky Wu’s enviable body leaves fans green with envy

The actor’s toned body was revealed in the promotional pictures for his show


Taiwanese actor-singer Nicky Wu recently took part in the Chinese version of Law of The Jungle, a reality show where the celebrity cast will have to survive out in the wilderness without technology or modern inventions like lighters and mobile phones.

The 45-year-old was joined by celebrities like Lynn Hung, Li Yapeng, Huang Zitao, as they travelled to forests within Madagascar and Vanuatu to film for the show earlier this year, before his lavish wedding to Chinese actress Cecilia Liu.

Recently, the show’s crew released a series of promotional pictures on their Weibo account, with a topless Nicky in a couple of the pictures.


Upon the reveal of the pictures, fans immediately zero-ed in on Nicky’s muscles and fit body and commented that the actor is as fit as ever, just like his younger self.

It was also revealed that the cast members had filmed for two months for the show, with Nicky having no trouble with tasks like fishing and chopping firewood, as he often does scuba-diving and rock climbing.

Photos: PBE Media

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