Nicky Wu’s S$42 million gift to Cecilia Liu comes with crucial caveat

Actress might end up paying to top up production company’s profit shortfall


Photos: PBE Media

Chinese actress Cecilia Liu, 29, may end up having to pay to top up Jiangsu Straw Bear Films’ annual profits if the company doesn’t hit its target of NT$500 million (approximately S$20 million), according to Chinese media.

Before her March 20 Bali wedding to Taiwanese actor and singer Nicky Wu, 45, he sold off 60 percent of his production company to Beijing Baofeng Technology for NT$5.5 billion (approximately S$230 million).

The deal earned Cecilia, who owns a 20 percent stake in Jiangsu Straw Bear Films, NT$1 billion (approximately S$42 million).

But according to a source, the windfall came with a caveat that Cecilia was responsible for any shortfall in annual profits after the merger.

Another source revealed that the couple’s extravagant wedding last weekend was not actually as expensive as it looked, with sponsors providing the gowns, wines, wedding favours, pre-wedding photoshoot and other items.

Even Nicky’s and Cecilia’s diamond rings were bought at a discount, and food and accommodation for their guests took up the bulk of their budget.

In total, the newlyweds reportedly spent just NT$4.3 million (approximately S$180,000) on housing 300 guests for two days at Bali’s Ayana Resort and Spa and holding their wedding banquet there, far lower than the tens of millions in NTD first reported.

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