Nicky Wu suspected of tax evasion

The actor is implicated by the recently released ‘Panama Papers’


The release of the ‘Panama Papers’ and its contents have shook the world, with the Commonwealth Magazine reporting that there are at least 90 individuals with Taiwanese passports, with one of them being Nicky Wu, named in the documents.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists had disclosed the contents of the ‘Panama Papers’ earlier, with various public figures across the world named for having evaded tax in the ensuing investigation.

Newly-married Nicky Wu had his popularity boom with the period drama, Scarlet Heart, which he starred in with his wife, Cecilia Liu.

Other than his acting and singing endeavours, the 45-year-old is also a businessman, having invested in a record company and an entertainment company.

Nicky, who has an estimated net worth of NT$1.7 billion (approximately S$70 million), recently sold off a stake in his self-established company for a tidy sum of NT$5.4 billion (approximately S$227 million).

According to Commonwealth Magazine, Nicky’s company, Horizon Sky Technology Culture Limited, had collaborated with Sun Entertainment Culture Limited, which is based in Hong Kong. The collaboration had resulted in Nicky being fingered in the investigation of the ‘Panama Papers’.

Regarding this matter, Cecilia Liu commented through her label, Tangren Media, “[She’s] not clear about this matter.”

Photos: PBE Media

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