Nicky Wu to wed on March 20 in Bali instead?

Chang Hsiao-yen to travel to Indonesia the day before


Taiwanese actor and singer Nicky Wu, 45, may be holding his wedding in Bali on March 20 instead of March 12.

According to Taiwanese media, actress and television host Chang Hsiao-yen, one of the reported wedding guests, is heading to Bali on March 19, giving a March 20 wedding date some credibility.

Details of Nicky’s wedding with Chinese actress Cecilia Liu, 28, have been hard to come by. Hong Kong’s Nicholas Tse recently said he had received his invitation and revealed the date to be March 12. But the location has not been confirmed, though it’s widely speculated to be Bali.

Other guests at the wedding reportedly include actors and singers Alec Su and Julian Chen, both former members of 80s boyband Little Tigers, together with Nicky.


When asked for confirmation of the wedding date, Nicky’s manager declined to give an answer.

According to the production team of Mission of the Queen 3, a variety programme Hsiao-yen hosts, she has taken leave from the programme on March 19 and postponed filming from March 22 to 23.

Nicky Wu, Cecilia Liu to marry on March 12 
Little Tigers Alec Su, Julian Chen to attend Nicky Wu’s wedding  

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