Nicky Wu wants to game with Cecilia Liu and their future children

Still no advancements on the baby front for the newlyweds, though


Taiwanese actor-singer Nicky Wu appeared at a promotional event for a video game recently, where he revealed that his wife, Chinese actress Cecilia Liu, is surprisingly good at the game.

“She knew how to play the game from the start, and she’s familiar with everything, from knowing every character’s traits, down to their strengths,” said Nicky, heaping praises upon his wife, before adding, “My skills are just a little better than her though.”

Nicky also revealed that he hopes to be able to battle monsters online together with Cecilia and their future offspring one day.

However, that day will not be coming any time soon, for the 45-year-old also divulged that the couple will be leaving any baby-making plans “to fate”.


“The two of us are currently very busy with work commitments. For this matter, we might still need to take it step by step,” the actor explained.

Nicky also revealed the reason he wanted to game together as a family, saying, “Most of the time, when we do something together, isn’t [that feeling] very addictive? For example, the parents teaming up with their child as a team to battle monsters, isn’t that enjoyable?”

In a previous interview, Cecilia had revealed that Nicky is quite the chef at home, thus, when the media asked him about his signature dish, he answered confidently, “I feel that I’m pretty good with anything, [from] Chinese cuisine to Western cuisine.”


Photos: PBE Media

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