No more birthday celebrations for Christine Fan

The actress says she no longer needs to celebrate her birthday because she already has “the world’s best gift”

Christine Fan celebrates her first birthday since giving birth

Taiwanese actress Christine Fan, who turned 39 on March 18, has decided that she no longer wants to celebrate her birthday.

On Wednesday, Christine’s actor husband Blackie Chen posted a photo of Christine (also known as Fan Fan) holding their son on Facebook and expressed his gratitude to his wife, “Thank you for all you’ve done for our family, your sacrifice and dedication. I will always love you. Happy birthday, my baby!”

Soon after, Christine responded with, “Thank you everyone for the wishes! From now on, I will no longer be celebrating my birthday. For one, I don’t want to face the reality of getting older (laughs), but it’s also partly because I’ve already got the world’s best gift. Thank you Heavenly Father for loving everyone and I pray for the world to become even more beautiful.”

Since her birthday was just around the corner from her twins’ two-month anniversary on March 15, Christine specially chose to give out black and white panda mugs to her friends and family yesterday as her twins nicknamed as “Big and Small Panda”. Christine even personally designed the mugs and attached a heartwarming photo of the family of four.

Upon receiving the mugs, Mandopop singer Fish Leong acknowledged, “Received cute panda mugs and I love them!” Chinese actor Tong Dawei also posted on Weibo, “Wishing a happy birthday to my sister, Fan Fan! May you always be happy.”

Christine Fan celebrates her first birthday since giving birth

Since the birth of her sons, Christine has been taking care of her twin boys, River Chen Xuan Fei and Ryan Chen Xuan Xiang, day in and day out. The boss of her record company sympathised with her and gave her business class round-trip tickets for two to Hawaii, estimated to be worth NT$300,000 (S$13,220), in the hopes that she can spend some time alone with Blackie.

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