No support from celebrity friends at G.E.M Tang’s Hong Kong concerts

The 24-year-old was criticised for her poor attitude towards the Hong Kong media and her substandard performance

No support from celebrity friends at G.E.M Tang’s Hong Kong concerts
Hong Kong pop sensation G.E.M Tang had received hate from the Hong Kong media for her poor attitude and execution of her concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum last Wednesday (14 Jan).

The 24-year-old, who shot to fame after participating in Chinese reality show, I Am A Singer, had returned to perform at her hometown after having completed over 30 shows for her concert tour “G.E.M. X.X.X. Live World Tour”. She would also be holding three shows in Singapore from Jan 30 to Feb 1.

However, G.E.M was criticised to have given preferential treatment to Chinese media while Hong Kong media were denied the opportunity to interview her.

A source revealed that Chinese reporters were specially flown in to interview her and offered a stay at a five-star hotel by G.E.M’s manager. They were also seen roaming freely at the backstage of her concert. On the contrary, Hong Kong reporters were given a cold shoulder and repeatedly stopped from interviewing G.E.M, even when she was making her way into the concert venue at the car park.

Apart from that, G.E.M received criticisms for her poor performance on stage. The media also joked about the lack of support backstage to congratulate her.

Known to have Renee Lee as her sole celebrity friend, the backstage of G.E.M’s concert lacked the bustle and joy like other celebrities. Singers were also frequently gifted with congratulatory floral bouquets at their concert, but G.E.M only received a small number of them, mainly sent by her concert organiser and sponsors.

When asked about G.E.M’s ‘special way’ of handling the media and her sponsors, her concert organiser Entertainment Impact replied that the promotional efforts were solely handled by G.E.M’s management company.

“Every company has their own way to promote their artist, we respect their decisions,” said the representative.

However, when asked on their intent to invite G.E.M to hold her concert in Hong Kong again, the representative commented vaguely, “We would only hold concerts that are suitable for the audiences in Hong Kong.”

Other concert organisers had also reportedly claimed that they would not work with G.E.M again as she is ‘no longer suitable for the Hong Kong market’.

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