‘No third party’ in S.H.E. member Selina’s divorce

Rumours abound about real reason for singer’s split from husband


Photos: PBE Media

Taiwanese singer Selina Jen, 34, unexpectedly announced on March 4 that she was divorcing lawyer Richard Chang, her husband since 2011, and rumours now abound about the real reason behind the split.

HIM International Music, which represents Selina, issued a statement yesterday saying there was no third party in her divorce, and neither did it have to do with childbearing woes.

Similarly, Selina’s father came out to say he wished both of them well and added that Richard will always be welcome at their family gatherings. The former couple have known each other for nine years.


According to Taiwanese media, the six most likely reasons for the split are personality differences, the lack of intimacy between husband and wife following Selina’s burn accident in 2010, an uncomfortable relationship between Richard and Selina’s father, as well as Richard not getting along well with Selina’s close female friends. The huge gap in celebrity status between Richard and Selina, and rumours of Richard’s infidelity could also have contributed to the split.

Last March Richard was seen out at a karaoke lounge with male friends and a woman with heavy makeup. At that time his response was: “I’m no saint - I go out to eat, drink and sing just like anyone else.” Though Selina publicly defended her spouse, in private she was reportedly upset about it.

Selina sustained third-degree burns over half her body while filming in China, and the injuries meant she and Richard had to put their plans for children on hold.

Selina’s father then reportedly told Richard, “Men mustn’t demonstrate their prowess only in bed,” a remark that Richard took offence with.


The frank Richard was also displeased that while Selina was recuperating from her burns, her S.H.E. bandmates, Hebe and Ella, fronted endorsement campaigns.

According to Taiwanese media, Richard demanded Selina receive an equal share of the pop group’s earnings, and he accused Hebe of using her new single to draw media attention away from Selina. This made Hebe and Ella intensely displeased with him.

Being a non-celebrity, Richard was commonly known as Selina’s husband, a title he rejected. And even Selina’s dog, Pinky, became a bone of contention: Richard reportedly hated how the dog smelled and would refuse to be in the same room as the pet or clean up after it; instead he would lay a paper napkin over Pinky’s excrement and wait for Selina to take care of it.

S.H.E member Selina Jen reveals she is getting a divorce  

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