Ou Di’s daughter dubbed a mini-me

A recent picture of little JoJo had netizens remarking that she looks a lot like her father

Ou Di’s daughter dubbed a mini-me

Photos: PBE Media

Taiwanese actor-host Ou Han Sheng (also known as Ou Di or Eddy Ou), welcomed his first child in December, JoJo. She has been praised for her good looks since birth, with her doe eyes and button nose capturing the hearts of netizens.

The proud daddy shared a recent picture of his bundle of joy being fed by his wife on his personal Weibo along with the caption, “You’ve worked hard all day – eat well, everyone!”

JoJo’s contented expression was evident during her feeding, which was done while she was lying down, and her messy head of hair had others remarking that she looks just like her father, especially with her hairdo.

Ou Di’s daughter dubbed a mini-me

Netizens shared comments such as, “She’s become a little Ou Di!” pointing out that she has inherited the best of her parents’ genes, but that she looks particularly like her father because of the similar hairstyles.

Ou Di married his Chongqing-native wife, Zheng Yun Can, in August 2013 and held an elaborate wedding in the Czech Republic last May.

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