Ou Di’s newborn daughter praised for her good looks

Netizens call JoJo ‘a beautiful baby’

Ou Di

After Taiwanese actor and host Ou Han Sheng (aka Ou Di or Eddy Ou) announced the birth of his daughter on Wednesday, his manager shared photos of baby JoJo yesterday.

“Little Jo inherited good genes, and she’s got big eyes and a button nose,” Ou Di’s manager wrote.

Fans praised the newborn’s looks, leaving comments online including, “If she looks this pretty so soon after birth, imagine what she’ll look like grown up,” “I’ve never seen such a beautiful baby, her eyes are so round and bright!”

Ou Di’s first child with his wife, Zheng Yun Can, was born in Taiwan on Wednesday evening weighing 2.88 kg.

Ou Di 2

Ou Di announces birth of first child 
Ou Han Sheng is going to be a dad 

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