Ou Han Sheng is going to be a dad

The father-to-be has shared an ultrasound picture of his unborn baby

Ou Han Sheng is going to be a dad

Taiwanese actor-singer Ou Han Sheng (also known as Ou Di or Eddy Ou) has announced the good news that he will be becoming a father soon on Weibo yesterday.

The 35-year-old posted an ultrasound image with a message for his baby: “I hope that my baby will have all the skills and talents that I never had.”

Netizens speculated that Han Sheng could be expecting a baby boy because he used the male version of ‘ta’ in Chinese to refer to his child in the caption. However, a representative responded to the suspicions by stating that the baby gender is still unknown as his wife just reached the three-month mark in her pregnancy.

Han Sheng plans to bring his wife home to Taiwan to deliver the baby and plans to look up his family history tree select a name for his child. He revealed that he hopes his child will take on his original family name, Ou Yang.

He married his wife in Chongqing on August 29 last year and gathered his friends and family for a romantic wedding in Prague, Czech Republic last month (May 7). However, they did not have a honeymoon and did not organise a banquet in Taiwan either.

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