Owodog spotted shopping for children’s furniture with a model

The 31-year-old held hands with a model while shopping for furniture together

Owodog spotted shopping for children’s furniture with a model
Owodog, a member of Taiwanese pop group Lollipop F, was spotted by Taiwanese media three nights ago (Jan 26) at a furniture store with young model Chen Yu Ting, the second runner-up in a competition held by Taiwan’s reknowned model agency Catwalk.

Hiding their faces with masks and caps, the two held hands and behaved like a couple  at the store. According to witnesses, Owodog and Yu Ting appeared to have entered the children’s section with the intention to buy baby furniture.

This is not the first time that the two have been seen in public together, as they were previously spotted on a date last year. Back then, Owodog clarified that they are just “close friends”.

Known for bearing resemblance to Hong Kong artiste Edison Chen, Owodog has also been romantically linked to several female celebrities such as Taiwanese actress Jocelyn Wang and Hong Kong singer-actress Jillian Chung.

After the photos were published, Owodog’s manager quickly denied the dating rumours by stating that the 31-year-old singer was simply accompanying his good friend to shop for a shoe cabinet. 

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