Oxide Pang denies cheating on Angelica Lee again

The 48-year-old film director was seen cosying up to a girl at a pub in Thailand

Oxide Pang denies cheating on Angelica Lee again

Hong Kong film director Oxide Pang has denied being involved in another extramarital affair after photos of him behaving intimately and drinking with a woman were posted online by a Hong Kong media last Sunday (Mar 15).

The 48-year-old swiftly phoned the media and clarified that he was merely socialising with his Chinese investors and discussing his new movie project over drinks at a pub in Thailand.

He added that pubs and bars in Thailand are ‘special’ as women would approach patrons to drink and chat with them. He emphasised in his reply, “I am not in a relationship with that woman and we did not have any immoral dealings. I only went for a drink, chatted with her that night and nothing happened after that.”

Netizens nicknamed Oxide ‘a scumbag’ as it is not the first time he had been speculated to have cheated on his Malaysian singer-actress wife Angelica Lee.

The couple went through a rough patch in their marriage after Oxide was caught publicly kissing 26-year-old Hong Kong model Liddy Li in a mall last May. It was not until late last year that Angelica decided to forgive him.

While netizens urged Angelica to file for a divorce and look for a better man, Oxide claimed that his wife was aware of his whereabouts.

However, the director felt the need to address the issue publicly as he was worried that the rumours would cause his wife to misunderstand.

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