Oxide Pang helps Liddy Li land her first movie lead role

Angelica Lee did not seem to be affected by her husband’s helpfulness towards the third party in their relationship

Oxide Pang and Angelica Lee
Hong Kong director Oxide Pang may have been harshly criticised after his affair with Liddy Li was exposed last year, but that has not stopped him from lending a helping hand to the model.

In a recently released trailer of Hong Kong director Jill Wong’s new film Guilty, Liddy was revealed to play the female lead role. For her first big screen project, the 27-year-old will reportedly have many intimate scenes with her co-star Pakho Chau.

Oxide Pang and Liddy Li
According to sources, Oxide was the one who had strongly recommended his mentee Jill to cast Liddy in the movie. The director could not be reached for comment at press time.

Meanwhile, Malaysian actress Angelica Lee, who celebrated her 39th birthday last week, did not seem to be affected by her husband’s helpfulness towards the former third party in their relationship.

In a Weibo post, Angelica showed off her bliss by uploading a photo of the couple sharing a big hug. She wrote: “I’m going through a detox diet program. I can only eat fruits and vegetables. I have to endure the tempting smell of roast chicken and the emptiness in my stomach.”

However, some fans expressed their concern by leaving comments on the post. “You’re so skinny already. Stop dieting! Eat more,” a netizen said.

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