Pace Wu announces her second pregnancy

The Taiwanese model confirms via social media that she is pregnant again

Pace Wu announces her second pregnancy

Speculations that Taiwanese model Pace Wu was having a bun in the oven had been swirling since she was spotted with a visible bulge on her tummy in April.

However, it was not until yesterday that the 36-year-old confirmed the happy news by sharing an ultrasound image of her foetus on her private Facebook account.

Though Pace shared that she is still unaware of the baby’s gender, she revealed that her second child would be due late November.


Once the photo had surfaced online, Pace’s celebrity friend and mother-of-three Dee Hsu gave her blessings and joked that she also wishes to give birth to another child. Pace also responded wittily, “Since you are so fertile, you can totally give birth to one more!”

This would be the second child for the 36-year-old and her Hong Kong billionaire partner Ji Xiaobo, whom she is not married to at the moment.

Sources have claimed that the couple would officially tie the knot following the birth of their first daughter Hillary Ji in February last year. However, the pair’s marital status remains the same till date and Xiaobo was even revealed to have cheated on Pace several times.

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