Pace Wu backhugs boyfriend in public

Actress spends time out at carnival with beau, daughter

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Taiwanese actress and singer Pace Wu, 37, spent time at a carnival near Hong Kong’s IFC mall with her beau, businessman Ji Xiaobo, and their daughter, Hillary, nearly 2.

Pace even engaged in some PDA at the funfair, hugging Xiaobo from the back at the whack-a-mole booth.

The couple were in the company of friends and relatives, including Pace’s mother, who held Hillary when Pace and Xiaobo went to purchase entry tickets to the carnival.

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Pace gave birth to her second child with Xiaobo, a son named Hans, but the couple’s lack of marriage announcement is still a matter of concern.

When Pace was pregnant with Hillary, she said she would hold her wedding after she gave birth. But since Hillary was born in February 2014 (and Hans last November) there still hasn’t been any indication that Pace would wed soon.

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