Pace Wu caved in to her daughter’s charm

Pace Wu, who was spotted at the mall with her daughter and two helpers, avoided questions about her marital status

Pace Wu caved in to her daughter’s charm

Taiwanese celebrity Pace Wu, who announced that she was going to withdraw from the entertainment industry last November, gave birth to her daughter Little Rui Rui in February last year and has since devoted all her time to the child.

The 36-year-old was witnessed carrying a Chanel bag while shopping at a mall in Hong Kong with her daughter, joined by two helpers. Although she tried to act low-key, she still attracted the attention of many passers-by.

Little Rui Rui initially held on to one of the helpers, but at one point, she flung the helper’s hand away and skipped towards her mother to pettishly grab hold of her thigh. The actress immediately caved in to her daughter’s charm and held the little girl’s hand, lovingly shopping hand in hand.

In the meantime, Little Rui Rui saw a boy, who looked around 5 years old, pass by and accidentally leave his shoe behind. As the boy’s relatives helped him to put on the shoe, the curious Little Rui Rui approached them and stuck out her hand as if she was offering her help. She displayed a very cute, caring and shameless side of her as Pace stood by, smiling at her daughter.

After this, the model carried her daughter and continued on with the shopping trip, only stopping to chase away some reporters who were pursuing them. One of the helpers who was carrying Little Rui Rui looked lost and confused about what to do and went to ask Pace. In the end, they left the store and resumed shopping elsewhere.

Pace Wu caved in to her daughter’s charm

In addition, although Little Rui Rui is now over a year old, the fiasco about Pace and investor Ji Xiaobo is still a mystery. The singer’s brother, Wu Liwen did not answer the phone yesterday and did not reply to any questions regarding the matter.

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