Pace Wu delivers second child by C-section

Actress names newborn son after beloved golden retriever

Pace Wu

Taiwanese actress, model and singer Pace Wu, 37, welcomed her son, named Hans, yesterday afternoon in Hong Kong. The infant was delivered by Caesarean section.

Hans is Pace’s second child with her fiance, Hong Kong billionaire Ji Xiaobo. They have a daughter, Hillary, born last February.

The actress’s celebrity friends Barbie and Dee Hsu sent over their congratulations. “I’m so touched! Wishing Hans a lifetime of happiness!” Barbie said. “Pace, you must take care of yourself and be strong!” Dee added, “So happy for her, and she should focus on recovering fully.”

Pace Wu 2

Pace announced in May that she was expecting a son, due at the end of November. But to have the baby born on an auspicious date, Pace picked November 17 to go for the operation.

The newborn is named after Pace’s late beloved golden retriever. The dog reportedly brought Pace and Xiaobo back together when it once fell sick, and the couple then reconciled.

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