Pace Wu denies being fair-weather friends of Dee Hsu and Makiyo

The 37-year-old said her friendship with buddies Dee and Makiyo are not strained and her bond with them lasts forever

Pace Wu denies being fair-weather friends of Dee Hsu and Makiyo
Pace Wu is known to be chummy with her clique of celebrity friends like Dee Hsu, Makiyo, Christine Fan and others. However, the 37-year-old model was recently branded by netizens to be a fair-weather friend to Taiwanese celebrities Dee and Makiyo and she took to her social media to deny these rumours after being criticised to have shared superficial friendship with them for benefits.

The mother-of-one had reportedly interacted closely with only Christine out of all her buddies and did not share many photos of her buddies with her on social media starting from a year ago.

Pace Wu denies being fair-weather friends of Dee Hsu and Makiyo
A famous media personality also criticised Pace for her negative jokes of buddies Yuki Hsu (for being short) and Barbie Hsu (for looking tanned) on a television show. He also revealed that Pace already had a strained friendship with Dee and Makiyo when Dee’s husband was investigated by the police and when Makiyo got into trouble with her drinking incident.

The media personality claimed that she began to meet up frequently with new friends Fish Leong and Aya Liu when she knew that they each have a blissful marriage.
However, Pace rebutted those claims on her social media yesterday, asking her fans not to believe in the malicious rumours about her. She also emphasised that she loves and cherishes all her close buddies.

“There are a lot of people who come up with stories to hurt others just to garner attention for themselves online. My friendship with my buddies will never change and we see each other as a blessing in our lives,” she defended herself.

As of the release of the article this morning (Jan 21), none of Pace’s buddies has spoken up for her, causing netizens to further speculate that the rumours could have been true after all.

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