Pace Wu fuels wedding speculations

One of her latest Instagram posts included a caption of her calling her beau’s mum mother-in-law

Pace Wu fuels wedding speculations

Pace Wu recently celebrated her son’s 100th day with a party and has a 2-year-old daughter, Hilary, with her longtime beau, Ji Xiaobo, but has never announced any marriage plans. Past reports have claimed that she registered her union with Xiaobo last September in the US but were ultimately shot down.

That, however, might be about to change with recent speculations that they will finally tie the knot. One of her Instagram posts, which included a picture of Xiaobo’s mother and President Obama, caught the eye of netizens for this term in particular: mother-in-law.

The start of the caption reads, “The mother-in-law who’s proud of herself #mymotherinlawisthebest”, which is the first time she has publicly revealed how she refers to her partner’s mother, Cui Lijie. She was the previous majority shareholder of Imperial Pacific International Holdings Ltd., which has benefitted from their major casino development in Saipan in recent years. Together with other high-level directors, a six-party team headed to the US and met with the President.

After the photo was posted, comments such as “Do you call him hubby though you aren’t married?” While others jokingly asked why she wasn’t sent a non-watermarked image by her mother-in-law to post.

She has long stood by her statement, “My personal and family matters are not open for scrutiny by the media,” choosing to keep her private life under wraps. She later uploaded another photo, sans the watermark this time, quipping, “I sent the photo to my friends and everyone asked if we went to the wax museum over the Lunar New Year holidays – what a good sense of humor!”

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