Pace Wu maintains firm stand against “third party”

The mother-of-one declared on Weibo that “there is no room for a third party” in their relationship

Pace Wu and Hillary Ji

News that Taiwanese model-actress Pace Wu’s fiancé is cheating on her shocked both the public and the media on Tuesday (Nov 18) but later on the same day, Pace declared on Weibo that “there is no room for a third party” in their relationship.

Although she has born her businessman fiancé Ji Xiaobo a daughter, Hillary Ji, in February, they have yet to tie the knot due to previous talks of him seeing Chinese actress Ying Er. The supposed third party this time, another Chinese lady who is 10 years younger than Pace, has denied dating rumours between her and Xiaobo.

Defending her relationship, Pace wrote on Weibo: “I don’t know what these strangers [who are trying to come between us] are up to, nevertheless I’m honoured that there are so many imaginary parties fighting with me [over him]. But this is a realistic world and there is no room for a third party between us.”

Pace Wu, Ji Xiaobo and Hillary Ji

The 36-year-old, who announced last week that she will retire from showbiz to focus on having kids, also praised her fiancé for being hardworking and caring towards both mother and daughter.

Reiterating that the family of three is unaffected by these rumours, Pace revealed that Xiaobo was initially baffled by the accusations but has now returned to work as per normal.

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