Pace Wu receives hate for boasting about her daughter

Netizens criticise the Taiwanese model for her tactless comments and ignorant behaviour as a mother

Pace Wu receives hate for boasting about her daughter

After giving birth to her daughter Hillary Ji with Hong Kong billionaire Ji Xiaobo last February, Taiwanese model and mother-of-one Pace Wu has frequently shared photos and interesting snippets of their daily life online.

Last week, Pace boasted that Hillary is “ahead of her peers” when she uploaded a photo collage of her daughter playing with a Caucasian boy.

She gloated in her caption, “My daughter is the complete opposite of me. She has a special liking for handsome blond boys and only likes to play with them. Having such a high standard of beauty at a young age, it totally feels like she is already a step ahead of everyone else!”

Pace Wu receives hate for boasting about her daughter

While Pace expressed her pride for her daughter’s preference for Caucasian boys, netizens and her friends were dismayed and have warned her against such inappropriate behaviour. On the other hand, her manager has yet to comment on her controversial statement.

This is not the first time Pace had come under the scrutiny of the public. The mother of one was previously criticised as “brainless” when she mimicked Caucasian celebrity mothers in her selfie, carrying a designer bag and holding a Starbucks cup in one hand while supporting her daughter with another. Pace even joked that she had “always wanted to take a selfie like that” and could finally do so as she has her own “fashion accessory (her daughter)” now.

Pace Wu receives hate for boasting about her daughter

Netizens were also worried when she carried Hillary with a single-strap baby carrier, known to have caused the death of an infant in England, while she was shopping. Hillary’s head had repeatedly slipped out of the carrier, but Pace only focused her attention on choosing clothes.

Earlier this year, Pace was also blamed for prioritising fashion over her daughter’s health, as she had made Hillary carry a designer bag to match her outfit but ignored the need to put on a mask for her when there was a flu outbreak in Hong Kong.

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