Pace Wu refutes rumours of falling out with Barbie Hsu

The model revealed that she was prepared to sue the rumour-monger


Rumours that Taiwanese model Pace Wu have fallen out with her ‘band of sisters’, comprising of Barbie Hsu, Dee Hsu, Fish Leong, Christine Fan, Aya Liu, Pace, Makiyo and Jia Yong Jie, first emerged almost a year ago, despite posts from Christine’s husband and Aya claiming otherwise.

Back then, Pace and Christine had appeared on Here Comes Kangxi, a talkshow hosted by Dee and Kevin Tsai, following which, rumours that Pace was a “fair-weathered friend” had emerged, attracting the attention of netizens.

Recently, these rumours have been revived by posts made by a gossip blogger on Weibo, who claimed that Pace has fallen out with Barbie Hsu.

In reply to these rumours, Pace uploaded a picture of her family-of-four, together with Barbie’s husband, businessman Wang Xiaofei and the couple’s daughter, and directed her post to the gossip blogger.

“You seem to be very concerned with my gossip. [The rumours] are completely untrue, and yet full of viciousness. I’ve already prepared to send my lawyer’s letter to you,” she wrote.

Pace then went to explain that she had already retired from show business for three years, and thus, does not frequently contact her friends on Weibo. The 37-year-old also wrote that a person’s interactions with others on social media is not a good indicator of friendship, saying, “I really love and cherish all the friends around me. I will show my heartfelt love for them using a variety of different methods”.

“I believe that such untruths will never happen in this lifetime,” Pace asserted, confirming that the friendship between the ‘band of sisters’ will never wane.

Additionally, Pace also revealed that Barbie is like the oldest sister in their group, and that the ‘sisters’ will always heed her advice. The model also wished her fellow ‘sisters’ well in their future endeavours, and ended her post with, “Thank you everyone for your concern, I am currently, happy, and doing well. I’ve chosen to retire from the limelight to focus on my family, so I will be keeping a low profile.”

Photos: PBE Media

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