Pace Wu’s rare day out with her family

The five-month pregnant mother brought her baby daughter to Ocean Park in Hong Kong with her fiancé

Pace Wu’s rare day out with her family

When Taiwanese model-actress Pace Wu spent her Sunday with her 1-year-old daughter Hillary (also known as Xiao Rui Rui) at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park, netizens were surprised to see billionaire fiancé Ji Xiaobo accompanying them because he rarely goes out with them.

Some of the netizens even asked Pace on social media if Xiaobo is “changing his ways”  to spend more time with the family.

While the trio painted a picture of family bliss with their recent outing, reports claim that a marriage will not be happening anytime soon as Xiaobo is allegedly involved in money laundering activities overseas.

It was rumoured that he lent money to China’s richest gamblers in Macau, got extradited by officials and sent back to Beijing for investigation.

While she was still unmarried, Pace had a c-section operation and gave birth to her baby daughter Hillary “Xiao Rui Rui” last February. On June 1 this year, Pace announced her second pregnancy with a baby due in November. However, they have yet to reveal any wedding details.

Netizens suspect that the 36-year-old is expecting a second child because her fiancé wasn’t pleased with the first one, speculating that they are trying for a boy.

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