Pace Wu shares photos of son Hans

Model explains why she named newborn after her late golden retriever

Pace Wu

Taiwanese model and actress Pace Wu, 37, has shared photos of her newborn son, Hans, to mark his first month.

She named the infant after her late golden retriever, which died two years ago. “I hope my son will grow up to become my best friend too,” she said.

Hans the goldie holds special significance to Pace, who has another child, Hilary, with her partner, Hong Kong businessman Ji Xiaobo.

The couple started dating in 2012 but broke up after a year. But when Hans the goldie was diagnosed with lymphoma, Xiaobo checked in on him every day, and the couple later reunited.

Now in confinement in Hong Kong, Pace said, “It was exhausting when I used to be a full-time artiste,” she said. “But now that I’m a stay-at-home mother I have more free time, so I’ve started planning my daughter’s studies. I’ve even made her flash cards.”

Asked whether her beau has given her any reward for giving birth to a boy, she said, “No, but after I’m done with confinement we’ll go take a family portrait together.”

The actress reiterated she wanted to have five kids in total. “I believe with proper care I can accomplish this feat,” she said.

Hans the baby was born on November 17.

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