Pace Wu to retire from showbiz

The mother-of-one announced that she will retire to focus on having kids

吴佩慈退出演艺圈 目标生5个小孩

Taiwanese model-actress Pace Wu (Wu Pei Zi) has announced that she will retire from showbiz to focus on having kids. The 36-year-old, who gave birth to her daughter Hillary Ji in February, is working towards her target of five children.

Speaking at an event yesterday, the mother-of-one looked glamourous like before after losing her pregnancy weight. Pace and her businessman fiancé Ji Xiaobo have yet to tie the knot due to rumours of him seeing Chinese actress Ying Er.

Although Pace did not respond to questions about their relationship, she let on in a shocking revelation, “I will be quitting showbiz. My goal in life at the moment is to focus on bringing up my child and to have more kids, hopefully five in total.”

It seems marriage is on the cards too as she added, “There are plans [to get married], I will let everyone know if there is good news.”

However when contacted, Pace’s manager brushed off news of her showbiz departure, saying: “She merely shifted her focus to her family and may stop work temporarily but she will neither leave the industry, nor is she pregnant”.

吴佩慈退出演艺圈 目标生5个小孩

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