Paparazzi interrupt Gigi Leung’s family dinner

Two male paparazzi barged into the private room Gigi Leung was dining at without permission

Paparazzi interrupts Gigi Leung’s family dinner

Hong Kong actress-singer Gigi Leung, who is still on maternity break, was having dinner with her family on Wednesday in a private room at a restaurant when two male paparazzi suddenly barged in and frightened everyone in the room.

Her Spanish food executive husband Sergio Crespo Gutes swiftly protected their 4-month-old daughter from the bright flashes by blocking her with his body to avoid hurting the young child’s eyes.

After the incident, the Cantopop singer posted a family photo on Weibo and captioned, “Thankfully I wasn’t in the middle of breast-feeding. OMG, I don’t dare to even imagine that!”

The 39-year-old continued, “I understand that the paparazzi need to do their job, but it is simply too inconvenient to talk about work matters when I am bringing my baby out. Please forgive me.”

Netizens commended her for “[having] manners” by posting a “noble and poised” statement and added that “whoever marries [her] is blessed”. There were also a few netizens who praised Sergio for acting fast and others who dissed the paparazzi for their “inhuman” behaviour.

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