Patrick Tse celebrates 79th birthday with family

Patrick Tse’s son Nicholas Tse cooked a 12-course meal in celebration of his father’s longevity

Patrick Tse celebrates his 79th birthday with the family

Hong Kong actor-director Patrick Tse turned 79 on our National Day (August 9) and enjoyed a cosy family celebration at his actor son Nicholas Tse’s house on Tuesday.

As both father and son are both August babies, they shared a joint birthday celebration on August 11, in between their actual birthdays on August 9 and 29.

Nicholas was the chef of the day, who personally prepared a 12-course meal for his family to celebrate his father’s longevity. Even Lucas and Quintus (Nicholas’ two sons) joined the party and specially sang their grandfather a birthday song.

Patrick Tse celebrates his 79th birthday with the family

Showing that he’s still strong and healthy at 79 years old, Patrick flashed his “big guns” toward his model daughter Jennifer when he flexed his right arm for a photo, which she later posted online with the caption: “His equivalent of (saying) ‘I still got it!’ #ageisjustanumber #79candlestoblowout”

Patrick spoke to reporters on the date of the celebration and explained that he was “very happy to be able to enjoy his son’s 12-course meal”. When asked about what his wishes for this year were, he smiled and said, “My wish is for all of you to write honestly!”

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