Patrick Tse involved in a 5-vehicle accident

The 79-year-old had fractured his ribcage in the accident

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Taiwanese actor Patrick Tse, who will be turning 80 in two months’ time, was recently involved in an accident which fractured his left ribcage.

It was reported that it was raining heavily at the time of the accident and his driver did a sudden brake to avoid a truck that had abruptly cut into his lane. However, Patrick’s car could not avoid the truck, and ended up rear-ending it.

Due to the sudden braking, the cars behind Patrick could not slow down in time and ended up slamming into his car as well. The impact caused Patrick to fall out of his seat.

To avoid disrupting the filming schedule for his latest project, the 79-year-old, who had revealed that he had not felt much pain at that time, went to work as per normal. The pain in his lower back started to intensify later and Patrick eventually returned to Hong Kong for treatment, where it was found that he had fractured his left ribcage.

When asked to comment on the accident, Patrick, who was advised to stop working due to his injury, joked cheerily, “Right now, it hurts even when I talk. Maybe this is a warning from the heavens, advising me to be more careful, or I might not be able to live past 80.”

Patrick also revealed that both his children, celebrities Nicholas and Jennifer Tse have called to ask about his condition and Jennifer even stayed with him at the hospital till late at night, as she was worried about him.

Photos: PBE Media

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