Patrick Tse nearly slaps Kenneth Tsang in anger

Patrick Tse took out his anger on Kenneth Tsang for malingering during the filming of their travel show

Patrick Tse nearly slaps Kenneth Tsang in anger

Hong Kong artistes Kenneth Tsang, Bowie Wu and Joe Junior celebrated actor-producer Patrick Tse’s 79th birthday with a cake at the press conference of a travel show, but things took a sour turn after the TV station executives left the scene.

All of a sudden, Patrick stood up and lashed out at Kenneth for malingering during the filming period of the show and made a slapping action toward the latter’s face.

After nearly slapping Kenneth, Patrick still continued to lunge at him, but stormed off quickly after saying, “All of these people may get taken advantage of by you, but I won’t let you get away with it!”

Bowie, who was seated in the middle of the 79 and 80-year-olds, tried to stop the fight, but ended up with his glasses knocked off.

Patrick Tse nearly slaps Kenneth Tsang in anger

When the incident was over, Patrick admitted in an interview with a reporter, “Of course I wanted to hit him. Have you ever seen me this angry before? I’ve never been so angry in all the decades that I’ve been in this industry!”

Kenneth then revealed in his interview, “He was just being impulsive. He didn’t hit me. We’re all still friends.”

Later that day, Patrick’s actor son Nicholas Tse and wife Deborah Lee were witnessed at the hospital to visit Quintus (Nicholas’ son) who had been hospitalised due to his high fever, as a representative clarified.

When asked about if Patrick was present at the hospital, Nicholas gave no answer and hurriedly entered his car.

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