Patty Hou celebrates 5th wedding anniversary

Netizens jokingly ask, “What about Jay Chou?”


On Sunday, Patty Hou posted on Facebook a picture of her with her husband, businessman Ken Huang, and revealed that it was the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary.

In her caption, Patty wrote, “I must tell you this today, thank you for marrying me, happy anniversary.”


Her sweet caption led fans to leave comments wishing the couple happiness, with some jokingly saying, “You must also thank Jay Chou for not marrying you.”

Back in 2005, Patty and Jay were spotted in Daikanyama in Tokyo, Japan together, and were revealed to be in a relationship. However, the two of them eventually broke up.


Today, both of them are parents and happily attached, with Patty marrying Ken in 2011, and Jay marrying Hannah Quinlivan in 2014.

Jay also once said in an interview that he likes coquettish women, but because he came from a single-parent family, he has a fear of relationships. He also revealed that it was Hannah who helped him to overcome that fear.

Photos: PBE Media

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