Patty Hou has finally revealed her son’s face

For the first time in months, Patty Hou revealed a photo of her son with his great grandmother

Patty Hou has finally revealed her son’s face

Taiwanese actress-host Patty Hou, married bank manager Kenneth “Ken” Huang in 2011 and gave birth to their son last September. The 37-year-old shielded her son from the public eye and did not expose him to any cameras. Since giving birth, she only posted a picture of her son’s thumbprint and footprint, keeping fans in suspense of her child’s looks.

After seven months, on Sunday (April 5), Patty attracted the attention of Facebook netizens when she finally shared an intimate family photo of her son and his great grandmother who was holding him. Fans were overjoyed to see the endearing post and the child’s cute, round face melted the hearts of her fans.

Patty Hou has finally revealed her son’s face

Many people sang praises of Patty’s “very lovely” baby and commented that the seven-month-old’s face is round like his mother’s. Several commenters left remarks about the baby’s “prosperous” facial features and added that “his full forehead will certainly bring good fortune”.

On her post, Patty wrote, “My mother (Taiwanese actress Lin Yueyun) said that my grandmother had not been feeling well and had not smiled for several days, but when she saw her great grandchild today, she laughed all afternoon.”

Patty ended her post with hopes for her grandmother’s swift recovery: “My beloved grandma, we’re waiting for you to return to the pink of health so that you can bring my son and I to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall to fly kites! Love you.”

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