Patty Hou offers Vivian Hsu pregnancy advice

Patty Hou gave baby tips to the mothers-to-be, Hannah Quinlivan and Vivian Hsu

Patty Hou offers Vivian Hsu pregnancy advice

Since former news anchor Patty Hou revealed lovely photos of her son to the internet and began showing off the seven-month-old Ian Huang earlier this month, she imparted her experience to other Taiwanese celebrity mums Hannah Quinlivan and Vivian Hsu.

At a press conference yesterday, Patty talked about her son’s growth, as well as how she took care of him. She looked healthy and fresh at the event, holding someone else’s baby as she striked a pose for the cameras.

Patty could not help but be happy, explaining that she could finally get some shut-eye because Ian has reached the stage where he can sleep through the night.

She revealed that when she first brought her son home, there was no way that she could get enough sleep because she would have to wake up every three hours for breast-feeding. Her sleeping patterns were extremely unstable at first, but after two months, she could get a good night’s rest because her son would sleep from 9 pm to 7 am.

The press also asked Patty if she had any tips to share with good friend Vivian Hsu as well as her ex-boyfriend Jay Chou’s wife Hannah Quinlivan, who are both pregnant, and  she responded, “You really have to maintain your happy mood because the child can sense it and react the same way.”

She also mentioned that she has already packed a lot of baby supplies to be sent to Vivian who is currently based in Singapore.

Patty wouldn’t stop talking about her son, adding that she learnt how to care for herself more since becoming a mother, for the sake of her child’s health. She even quit her bad habit of staying up very late and is learning how to raise the baby together with her banker husband, Ken Huang.

She also explained that it’s very hard to make him laugh, so the couple need to keep coming up with different ideas every day to amuse Ian.

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