Patty Hou shows her respect for Jacky Wu

The actress-host gave Jacky Wu first dibs on hosting the Golden Bell Awards


Patty Hou appeared at an event recently and said that she might host the Golden Bell Awards this year, having received the invitation from the organisers.

However, in the face of news that veteran host Jacky Wu might be interested in hosting the show as well, Patty let him have first dibs, and said, “If Jacky wants to host, of course I’ll give way to him”.

Patty, who married businessman Ken Huang in 2011 and gave birth to her son, Ian in 2014, looked radiant in a light purple shirt and a long white skirt.

The actress-host had confirmed that her management company had acknowledged the organiser’s request for Patty to host the 51st Golden Bell Awards, which will be held in October.


Last year, the judges ruffled the feathers of many entertainers when they snubbed the variety scene in Taiwan. Jacky also expressed his dissatisfaction with the judges, and said that he will boycott the show even though he was nominated for an award.

In a recent interview, the 53-year-old revealed that while it was slightly hard for him to participate in the Golden Bell Awards this year, he’d reconsider the decision if he were to attend it with his daughter, TV personality Sandy Wu.

Photos: PBE Media

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